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Day Services

Aspiro Day Services Client Art Studio

Provides a coordinated program of activities throughout the day.

Clients can choose from a wide selection of recreation & wellness activities, educational programming, community engagement, volunteering and more. 

A registered nurse and CNA are on staff to administer any medications needed and provide general care if someone is not feeling well.

Specialized Offerings

Aspiro Day Services Client in music program


Music captivates attention, motivates action, brings joy and success. It is a multi-sensory activity that combines the visual, kinesthetic, auditory and tactile systems. This is especially true when moving to music or playing instruments. Additionally, music is non-verbal so for those who struggle with language, music can be a way to connect with others and express oneself.

Aspiro Demtia Care-image of hands


Serving clients with a dementia diagnosis with a simplified schedule, routine and approach using the VIPS practice model. 

  • V = Valuing people with dementia and those who care for them 

  • I = Treating people as individuals 

  • P = Looking at the world from the perspective of the person with dementia 

  • S = A positive social environment

Aspiro client in Assisted Day Services


Designed for individuals with more complex needs and require a higher level of attention.  Clients are divided into teams based on similar interests.  They spend their day doing a combination of social and wellness activities.  Each team is led by two program instructors..


Client Art Notecard Collection

Artfully crafted by our clients in the Aspiro Art Studio and sold in packs of 10. Blank inside and great for any occasion. Plus, proceeds in whole or part go to supporting Aspiro's mission.

Aspiro Art Studio

For more information: Call 920-498-2599 or contact us.

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"Aspiro is a place where my son can be himself, and make friends.  Aspiro is a blessing to our family."

- Parent

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