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Respite Care

Aspiro family supported through Respite Care program

A supportive service designed to give temporary care to children and adults with disabilities.


For the primary caregiver, it can mean a break in the routine, a day off, or even a vacation free of the daily caregiving responsibilities.

Aspiro recruits, interviews, completes background checks and initially orients all providers. Providers are then matched with families by interests, abilities, experiences, schedules, etc. to make sure matches are the best fit possible.


Next a pre-placement visit is scheduled, facilitated by an Aspiro manager, bringing a potential provider to meet the family to discuss the needs and expectations.  The family can clearly explain their loved one's care needs and expectations.


After the meeting, the family can communicate through Aspiro their desire to use a particular provider.   We believe a family's everyday caregiving can be stressful enough --choosing a respite provider should not be.

For more information: Contact Anne Bruss at 920-593-4342 or

"Respite is a blessing for all parents or caregivers of people with special needs.  We just need a break to relax or catch up on other things sometimes.  Respite always relieves the daily stress that builds up over time.  We could not do without it!  I’m sure other parents feel the same way!"

- Parent

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