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Group Supported Employment (GSE)

Aspiro clients at work through Group Supported Employment program
Aspiro clients at work through Group Supported Employment program

A pathway to community integrated employment


Workers with disabilities are accompanied by an Aspiro staff member to a job site.  The staff member provides job coaching, prompting and cues if needed.  They do not replace the duties of the business assigned work supervisor.  Workers report to Aspiro each day and are transported to and from the job site.


The number of workers at each GSE site can range from 3-8 people. They work 4-6 hours per day at minimum wage or above.



Aspiro has numerous GSE sites throughout the area performing a variety of different job duties including light manufacturing, packaging, housekeeping, food service, warehouse, assembly or customized work along with numerous other options. 


The business receives a reliable and qualified team of workers and the individuals gain work experience toward their goal of community integrated employment and increase their independence and self-esteem.  Through their work they also contribute to the economy and play a vital role in the fabric of our community.



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"Aspiro has provided my daughter with a great opportunity to feel needed and appreciated.  Her work here has made her feel more confident and self-assured. She loves her time at Aspiro."

- Parent

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