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For over half-a-century companies from around the country have trusted Aspiro to provide the best quality service at the most competitive price.  Aspiro's highly trained and dedicated team members work in a spacious, modern facility, where they can fill any order with attention to detail and quality that's second to none, on-time and on-budget.  

Asprio client doing production work


Contract Sewing - Aspiro currently performs cutting, sewing and packaging services for the U.S. Government and private companies.  We have two lay tables and skilled sewing specialists who can assemble and finish a wide variety of materials and designs.

Sorting and Collating - Our workers can convert your mixed product to specified lots or types, or collate separate products into finished kits, production assemblies, or production inputs.  Our hand-processing ensures infinite flexibility to match your product and processing needs.

Product Assembly - Our skilled workers can provide a wide range of component assembly for both your subassemblies and finished-good requirements.

Contract Packaging - We can convert your bulk production output to its final retail packaging or convert a single product line to a wider variety of piece count and packaging styles.  We can help you salvage obsolete product by repacking it into more current packaging.  We can also reduce finished product back to component parts to allow you to remanufacture or recycle obsolete or otherwise unusable product.



  • Production, shipping and receiving to meet your needs

  • Four loading docks

  • Dedicated workforce

  • Experienced management team

  • Superior craftsmanship

  • Large production facilities

  • Flexible staffing

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