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Aspiro Scrip Program

What is scrip?

The concept is simple: Anyone can purchase gift cards from over 700 retailers through Aspiro at face value. Aspiro then purchases the gift cards you ordered at a discount from the retailer.  The difference is profit to Aspiro. You spend your scrip at the retailer, where it's worth the full face value.

You order a $50 Festival Foods gift card with a 3% rebate.  You pay Aspiro $50 and you get a $50 gift card.  Aspiro pays the scrip company $48.50 for your $50 gift card.  The donation comes from the retailer; not you.  

Scrip Fundraising Really Adds Up!

If you and 25 others purchase a $100 Festival Foods and a $100 Kwik Trip gift card every two weeks for a year it would add up to $4,550 for Aspiro.  Just for purchasing the items you were going to buy anyway!  When you add in gift giving and holiday shopping the donation continues to climb!


Option 1: Complete a paper order form
Click here for an order form.  The stores listed on the form all have a local presence and are the most common, but you can also purchase from any of the 700+ retailers from the RaiseRight website.  Simply write in the store and amount on your order form.  

Refer to the order schedule below.  You can submit your order by dropping it off at Aspiro-Dousman, sending it in with an Aspiro client or mailing it to Aspiro-Dousman. Payment (cash or check) is due at the time the order is submitted.  Checks can be made out to Aspiro.

​Your order will be ready the following Tuesday. You will receive an email when it is ready.

Option 2: Order Online
Create an account on the RaiseRight website.  You will need our Enrollment Code in order to create your account.  Fill out the form to the right to receive the code.

In addition to paying by check or cash you have the additional options to pay via bank account or credit card (additional convenience fees apply).

When ordering online you have the option to purchase physical gift cards, eGift Cards and you are able to r
eload gift cards previously purchased through our scrip program.

Refer to the order sched
ule for physical cards.  You will receive an email when these cards are ready.  All eGift Cards and Reloads will be electronically delivered to you once the order is released.


Aspiro Scrip Partner Business Logos

Enrollment Request

Thank you for submitting!

2024 Scrip Order Due Dates

(turned in at Aspiro-Dousman by 9:00 am)

January 10

February 14

March 13

April 10

May 8

June 12

July 10

August 14

September 11

October 9

November 13

December 4

December 11

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